30 days of TAH - Fan Moment(s)

This whole month has been my best fan moment. Getting in touch with the fandom, sharing experiences and opinions, having a new topic to draw about every day, seeing everyone else’s fabulous fanwork! It’s been truly amazing. Huge thanks to fyeahthrillingadventurehour for doing such a great job and to everyone who enjoyed my doodles, especially to the ones who took their time to tell me so via PM!

(If you didn’t message me personally but reblogged my stuff with nice tags, believe me, I’ve read them. All of them. You’re awesome as well.)

30 days of TAH - Day 27: TAH in other media

The Thrilling Adventure Puppet Show! I’m looking at you jmebressler :D

30 days of TAH - Catching up

Day 24: Your Big Night - I’d love to play an Adventurekateer. And I do a pretty decent little kid voice.

Day 25: Special Episodes - Fan Questions Answered, of course.

Day 26: Guest Stars - I want Robot Outlaw Tarantino to happen! I think it was Busy Phillipps who suggested it in one of the Behind the Scenes episodes and it’s just perfect.

chedsy replied to your photo “I’m taking a course of specialization in children’s book illustration…”

Ooooh, can I see the full Charles Darwin illustration? Please?

Of course! Here it is :D

I’m taking a course of specialization in children’s book illustration and for the first class they asked me to bring some of my work. It’s so cool to have these in physical format!

ps. Sorry for my absence and late updates these last days, I’m having an extremely busy week. I’ll catch up with 30 days of TAH as soon as I can!


30 Days of TAH, Day 26 - Guest Stars

We all adore all of the WorkJuice players, of course.  But it’s also fun to hear the amazing guest stars in every episode!  

  • So first, tell us about a couple of your favorite guest stars so far.  Has someone’s guest work in TAH ever made you a fan of their other projects?
  • And next, give us at least three guest stars who have never been on TAH that you would you LOVE to see guest star one day!
  • One last thing — Are there any writers that you would love to see guest write an episode?

The incredible annadiplosis made our artwork today, once again!  Thank you so much! 

(late again) 30 days of TAH - Day 23: Beyond Belief Quotes

I’ve been thinking for a while and realized that my favourite Beyond Belief quotes are all of Sadie’s reactions to Nightmares.

(late) 30 days of TAH - Day 22: Your Monday Ritual

My Monday mornings consist of coping with the world with TAH and as much coffee as possible.