30 days of TAH - Day 17: Historical Figures

I didn’t even have to think about it.

30 days of TAH - Day 16: Fan Stuff

I’m incredibly honored to say that some of my fan stuff has become OFFICIAL stuff! When I shared this illustration a few weeks ago, I was contacted by TAH to make it into a poster. I sent two final versions for them to choose, this one is a mid-process step.

And thanks to 30 days of TAH, Mark Gagliardi saw my Black Lagoon art and liked it so much he asked for a t-shirt of it! Apparently they loved this design I sent them and asked me to use it for some merch.

I can’t even begin to express how happy I am.



I kind of feel like I never want the 30 Days of TAH to end, because I look forward to annadiplosis' art every day!

Right?! I want them all bound in a book! annadiplosis do you have an etsy account?

You guys are too much! I love the idea of making a small zine out of these, but I’m not sure the Bens would be cool with me making profit off unofficial TAH art. If you’re interested in my non-TAH stuff, I do have a society6 shop :)


I kind of feel like I never want the 30 Days of TAH to end, because I look forward to annadiplosis' art every day!

That’s so nice of you! These doodles are the highlight of my day ever since the 30 day challenge started. I only wish I could spend more time on them!

30 days of TAH - Day 15: Recommendations

Thanks to TAH I discovered Drunk History, and frankly, drunk Paget Brewster in a fur coat telling the story of the Kellogg Brothers marks a before and after in your life.

(edit: I wrote “some” twice and I’ve noticed just now!)

30 days of TAH - Day 13: Non-Major characters

Supporting characters are one of my main weaknesses and I’m having a really hard time choosing. But:

  • Adventurekateer Omar. Come on, Kumail Nanjiani is just adorable.
  • Her Royal Maj. In my head she’s Terry Jones in drag.
  • Felton won me forever with his caterpillar digression.
  • Jay Silverheels because OF COURSE.
  • Carlysle Ravencastle. I drew him two days ago and I don’t think I can outdo that fabulousness level.

30 days of TAH - Day 12: Sparks Nevada Universe Quotes


Also whenever Jib Janeen supplants someone’s identity I imagine him exactly the same as them, only with googly eyes?

30 days of TAH - Day 11: Beyond Belief Episodes

  • "Sarcophagus Now"
  • "Djinn and Tonic"
  • "When Cthulu Cthalls"
  • "The Haunting of Howard Schroeder"
  • "Rosemary’s Baby Shower"

I’m being deliberately brief in order to give the same importance to my favourite Beyond Belief and Sparks Nevada episodes, but here’s a bonus Carlysle Ravencastle aka Dark Husband to the Midnight aka Most Fabulous Nosferatu Ever:

Thanks a lot to the wonderful jmebressler for mentioning me on her Beyond Belief post! I hope you enjoy today’s doodles :)

I finally got my copies of the first Indie Comics Quarterly volume! With my comic in it!

30 days of TAH - Day 10: Amelia Earhart and Colonel Tick-Tock both await your answer, but you can only choose one — with whom do you go and why?

As much as I love Amelia, I join Her Royal Maj’s Chrono Patrol. Rescuing Shakespeare while wearing a nice uniform seems much more appealing to me than fighting Nazis.